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Made in the U.S.A.


Green label  Plus Approved


FHA Approved


Performa Plus® Solution-Dyed Fiber

Performa Plus® is our proprietary brand of solution-dyed fiber that is used in every carpet we make. Because it’s solution-dyed, the color goes all the way through the fiber, like the color in a carrot, meaning the color won’t fade, wear off or stain.


Performa Plus® Features & Benefits

• 100% Performa Plus® Soft Solution-Dyed BCF Polyester.
• Performa Plus® fiber won’t fade from prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight.

• Performa Plus® fiber won’t wear off, even in high traffic areas.

• Performa Plus® fiber won’t bleach from spot cleaning - even with household bleach or cleaners.

• Performa Plus® fiber resists staining when properly cared for, even from items like red wine, ketchup or pet stains.

• Performa Plus® fiber cleans up easier, just blot the spill.


Limited Warranties

• Lifetime Stain Resistance Warranty

• Lifetime Fade Resistance Warranty

• Lifetime Pet Stains Resistance Warranty

• 20 Year Soil Resistance Warranty

• 20 Year Abrasive Wear Resistance Warranty
• 20 Year Texture Retention Warranty
• 20 Year Manufacturing Defects Warranty

Carpet Brookside

  • Yarn:
    100% Performa Plus® Soft Solution Dyed BCF Polyester

    Stain Warranty:

    Wear Warranty:
    20 Year

    Manufacture Defects Warranty:
    20 Year

    Fade Warranty:

    Soil Warranty:
    20 Year

    Retention Warranty:
    20 Year

    Pet Stain Warranty:

    45 oz

    Par Rating:

    Style Type:
    Dense Textured Cut Pile

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